FAQ – Your Love’s Divine

Why did you choose the business name “Your Love’s Divine?”

I am inspired by Seal’s song “Love’s Divine”. During my separation and divorce process, I often listened to this song over and over again as a way to keep my heart open to love even in the face of the sadness and pain I felt.

I added “Your” to the front of it, because I believe it is important for every human being to recognize that their Love is Divine, and that this Love can be a great source of healing, connection, and inspiration.

What do you do as a Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner?

I help people transform old negative patterns. When the negative patterns are “repatterned” people experience freedom from painful feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that were at the root of their problems. Such transformations give way to greater joy, love, peace, and freedom in one’s life.

What drew you to the practice of Resonance Repatterning®?

It uses both right brain and left brain competencies. It satisfies my love of order and detail, as well as my desire for creativity, intuition, and healing. I have also experienced tremendous growth, healing, and transformation from it. See my spiritual journey for details.

Why do you think this practice is your personal and professional path?

I have a gift for being able to “see” people and to feel what they are feeling. It helps me to relate to where a person is, as well as gives me insight into what would most help the person to heal so that they may experience greater love, peace, and joy in his or her life.

I am also gifted with the ability to accept a person wherever he or she is, free of judgments, and to have great compassion and love for the person, even when I’ve known him or her for a very short time.


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