Individual Resonance Repatterning® sessions last anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half*, and sometimes a little longer than that. Most sessions are at least 75 minutes.


One session: $155

Two sessions: $290** (save $20)

Three sessions: $405** (save $60)

Four sessions: $520** (save $100)


Select Number of Sessions:

(CASH or CHECK also accepted)

*Please prepare to spend a minimum of an hour and a half for your first session. Thank you.

**Price applies if paid in full in advance of or immediately after your first session.

You can choose how many sessions you would like to sign up for at the end of your first scheduled session.


Request a session.

“Jennifer has a divine gift for going deep with you to get to the root of your energy.  She gently and lovingly brings out what thoughts need to be re-patterned and works with you until your energy has shifted.  I am in awe of the transformation!” ~Carmen Mays

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