Emotional Release

You are probably aware that so many of us have learned to ‘conform’ to the spoken and unspoken rules of our families, schools, societies, and so forth. One of these ‘rules’ is that it is not okay to express emotions.

Over time, we learn to stuff our feelings, ignore them, cover them up with addictions, and medicate them. We have many creative ways to avoid emotional expression.

Imagine what may be available to you when you no longer have to ‘hold it together’.

When we give ourselves the space to grieve, express anger, feel our sadness, and all the emotions in between, we find our way back to love. Release of emotions creates an empty space that is now available for conscious reflection and empowered choices.

Join me for a powerful journey inward to find your light within, as well as to experience and learn the many benefits of creating a sacred space for your emotional expression.

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