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What can I expect during a Resonance Repatterning® session?

No two sessions are alike. The only thing that can be expected is to experience a shift in your energetic patterns. I use a method called muscle checking, to determine which processes and modalities will best serve you during a session.

What is muscle checking?

Muscle checking is based on the work of applied kinesiology. In applied kinesiology, the practitioner uses the strength of a patient’s muscle response to identify possible physical, mental, structural, and chemical issues.

In Resonance Repatterning®, practitioners use the contraction and relaxation of a muscle as an “on/off” indicator for what a client does or does not energetically resonate with; it is not used as a diagnostic tool for physical, emotional, or mental ailments.

Muscle checking through Resonance Repatterning® simply seeks to identify energetic resonances that underly problems in the client’s life.

What is “resonance”?

Resonance refers to how you resonate, or are in tune with, a particular thought, feeling, behavior, energetic pattern, etc. What you resonate with affects what you experience in your life. For example, if you resonate with the thought “I am useless,” then you are unlikely to offer your help and consequently feel like you are not making a difference for others.

On the other hand, if you resonate with “I have a lot to offer,” then you are likely to be open and receptive to providing help to others; you find yourself positively impacting people’s lives.

What you resonate with also affects how people respond to you. If you resonate with the thought that you are worthless, then you may experience people being abusive towards you. However, if you resonate with loving yourself, then people are likely to respond to you with kindness and respect.

Resonance Repatterning® sessions work to transform your energetic resonances such that you experience positive shifts and changes in all areas of your life.

How should I prepare for a Resonance Repatterning® session?

I recommend clients drink water prior to arriving to their session as it helps with muscle checking. Regardless, water is always provided during the session.

It is also recommended to refrain from alcohol, caffeine, smoking, and any drugs aside from your regularly prescribed medications for at least 24 to 36 hours prior to your session. These substances can interfere with muscle checking, as well as affect your ability to be fully present (emotionally, physically, and mentally) for the session.

If you are feeling anxious, nervous, or sleepy prior to a session, know that we will take care of that at the beginning of the session.

Some clients know exactly what they want to work on. Others prefer to allow the process to reveal to them what their system is ready to transform at that time.

How many sessions do I need?

The number of sessions to attend is strictly a personal choice. Some clients choose to attend several sessions in a short period of time with the intention of creating major life change. Others may come once a month for what they’d consider a “tune up.”

Sometimes, sessions can be so powerful and transformational that the main problem or reason for seeking help through Resonance Repatterning® is transformed within one session. Clients may then choose to come back to work on other issues that have been plaguing them.

As part of the certification process, student practitioners are required to experience more than sixty sessions. So you can see there really is no limit on the number of sessions one can choose to receive.

You may ask your Resonance Repatterning® practitioner to muscle check for how long to wait before considering coming for another session.

What should I do after a session?

Drink plenty of water, allow some time for rest and relaxation, be easy on yourself, and go easy on, or refrain from, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, and any other drugs (aside from your regularly prescribed medications).

Follow your internal guidance; if you feel like taking some alone time, do so; if you feel like being creative, do something creative; if it would feel comforting to be with a close friend, invite a friend over who will help you maintain your new positive resonances. If you feel emotional, allow yourself the space and time to experience your feelings. For example, cry if you feel like crying.

If you were given post-session positive actions to do, be sure to do them. These help you integrate and lock in the benefits that you received from your session.

Is there anything I should expect to experience after a session?

Every person experiences Resonance Repatterning® differently. Some people feel called to take a nap and find they have the best sleep they’ve had in a long time. Others find themselves incredibly energized and ready to take on the world.

Since sessions vary even for the same client, the experiences afterwards can be vastly different.

As you grow and change, you may find that certain relationships fall away and that you prefer different activities than you did before. This is a natural process of growth and transformation.

You may find things that normally don’t bother you now cause you stress. These are likely to be non-coherent, or unfavorable, behaviors that you are no longer willing to tolerate in your life.

It is also quite possible to notice things that used to bother you immensely no longer cause you strife. One client reported that over the years she learned how to monitor and control her behavior when she was triggered by something. After just two Resonance Repatterning® sessions, she no longer needed to be concerned with “controlling” her behavior since the trigger itself was removed.

What is the meaning of “coherent” and “non-coherent”?

Energetic coherence refers to the presence of balance, harmony, and strength. If something is coherent, it is considered to have a positive, life-enhancing effect; whereas, a non-coherent resonance indicates a negative or life-depleting pattern.

Why Resonance Repatterning®?

Every session is tailored specifically to the client’s needs. When learning and practicing various healing arts, Chloe Faith Wordsworth, founder of Resonance Repatterning®, discovered that some of her clients received benefit from one type of healing art but did not experience benefit from other kinds of healing modalities. This discovery is one of Chloe’s motivations for creating the Resonance Repatterning® system. Through the use of muscle checking, practitioners are able to identify, from a variety of healing disciplines, the best-suited healing techniques for the client’s present issue or situation.

A Resonance Repatterning® session can bring light to underlying issues that may never be revealed during a general counseling/therapy session. For example, a client would never have guessed that an experience with her grandmother, whom she loves and has happy memories of, was at the root of an issue that she was experiencing with money.

It can take a few sessions to heal what could take years of counseling/therapy sessions to do. Resonance Repatterning® sessions do not require detailed painful stories in order for healing to take place. Instead, it is designed to laser in on the core issues and resolve them within the session. Occasionally, subsequent sessions are required depending on how ready the client’s system is to transform the non-coherent energetic patterns.

Note: Resonance Repatterning® is not designed to replace traditional medical care and various forms of counseling and psychotherapy; these practices have there own place and usefulness in improving one’s health and well-being.


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