How It Works

Both current scientific research and ancient medical practice suggest everything in life is made of energy and that everything resonates at different rates or frequencies.

All life forms including human beings have subtle energy bodies that are invisible to the eye. These energy bodies are composed of many interacting energy fields that surround and penetrate our physical body and extend out into the world.

Through trauma, parental, generational or societal programming, vibrational frequencies can become “out of phase.” When this happens, we may find ourselves unconsciously resonating with unhealthy life habits, unhappy relationships, poor self-esteem, fear-based failure, financial instability, frustration, addictions, anxiety, or depression.

Using muscle checking, I identify these negative resonances in the client’s energy field. Once the non-supportive pattern is identified, I use muscle checking to tell me exactly which healing modality or modalities are most appropriate to bring about the required healing change as quickly and gently as possible.

The muscle checking method allows me to identify what the client’s system is ready to transform within the session.

There are over one-hundred modalities, or healing techniques, available for use in a Resonance Repatterning® session. The main categories are sound, color, breathing techniques, movement, fragrance, processes and energetic contacts.

Usually only one to three modalities are required during a session in order to bring about positive change.


What are the benefits of Resonance Repatterning®?

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