Resonance Repatterning® sessions use several modalities to gently release old patterns and encourage new, more supportive patterns.

Color: Clients may be asked to visualize, meditate or work with color tools, including color filter lenses or color silk scarves.

Sound: Sound is an expression of vibrational healing and, in some instances, has been shown to break up cancer cells (reference: Fabien Maman, “The Role of Music in the 21st Century”). Clients can express sound through the laughing breath, the ha! sound for heart connection, creative self-expression, toning notes, and harmonic overtones, as well as experience the Ayurvedic sounds for the chakras, meridian consonant sounds, and Five Element sounds.

Fragrance: Essential oils are another available Resonance Repatterning® healing modality. Clients may be asked to use an identified essential oil on a specific body area, meridian point, or chakra, or they may be asked to simply smell the oil.

Movement: Movement is an important modality for releasing and changing established patterns. Clients may be asked to participate in various, low-impact, gentle movements: a body shake-out, brain-integration cross-crawls, neck release movement, open-heart gestures, the Chi Kung bounce, or the Five Element movements with sound.

Breath: Breath is life. Resonance Repatterning® features over 20 different breath techniques to help clients release that which is holding them back, as well as to integrate new life-supporting beliefs and positive energetic resonances.

Process Modalities: Guided meditations are sometimes used during a Resonance Repatterning® session to release old patterns and integrate new ones. Other processes include the Energy Constriction Release, Fusion and Diffusion, and Heart Entrainment. All are designed to transform and let go of  life-depleting energetic resonances, and to make way for healthier, more positive life experiences.

Clients are walked through the modalities during a session. Modalities are demonstrated by the practitioner first or performed along with the client.


What are the benefits of a Resonance Repatterning® session?


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