Take a leap together – a Quantum Leap, that is!

Vibrational energy can be transformed exponentially when more than one person focuses on an intention together. Hence, group repatterning sessions can be especially POWERFUL.

One of the most popular processes used in group sessions is the Abundance Repatterning. See further below for other possible group session topics.

What will a group Abundance Repatterning session do for you?

~ Identify and transform barriers that block you from achieving abundance in your life.

~ Easily and gracefully attract greater abundance through changing your own energetic resonance.

~ Have FUN while changing your relationship to money, power, success, and energy.

~ Meet new people (at an open group workshop) or connect with friends (at a private group workshop).

~ Know that you’ve made a difference for others by raising your own vibrational energy.

~ Experience Resonance Repatterning® at a lower rate than that of a private session.


“When we think about abundance, 95% of us, if honest, think about money. Abundance is also about power, energy and your ability to be successful in any sphere of your life.

The Abundance Repatterning helps you identify your negative resonance concerning the many issues that relate to money, power and energy so you can activate the power of who you are and bring more of yourself to your life.”

– Excerpt from Resonance Repatterning® practitioner handbook, “Transforming Meridian Patterns”

What else can a group repatterning do for you?

~ Attract your ideal partner using the Intention for a New Possibility section of the Resonance Repatterning® process.

~ Express yourself with full creativity (via painting, drawing, dancing, singing, acting, public speaking, writing, etc.) through the Creative Self-Expression Repatterning.

~ Improve your self-confidence and self-esteem with the Self-Image Repatterning.

~ Make group decisions with the best possible outcome for all involved using the Decision-Making Repatterning; great for business and project-oriented groups.

~ Transform non-coherent family patterns using the Family Systems Repatternings, based on Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellations.

~ Create your own! Bring anything that you and your friends/colleagues/family members are struggling with and/or desiring to transform.

Check out this exciting transformation!

“Jennifer Foster radiates grace, love, and kindness, and the work she does makes way for miracles to sprout from spirit to reality.

Within three weeks of a group session for financial prosperity, my life transformed from one in which I continuously felt lost, aimless, and confused, to being driven by a powerful inner sense of purpose, creating beauty in each moment and finding exactly what I needed to take the next step.

I moved from an unstable living situation and a dead-end job into a two-bedroom apartment above a pottery studio, and found a good-paying job right across the street.  I began to have the time, space, and resources to spend all of my free time on the creation, production, performance, and distribution of music.

That one session shifted my focus and put me squarely on the path of my Big Dream, and it all happened in a beautiful, flowing, allowing, graceful way.

I could not have predicted even six weeks before that I would make such a move.  The results were immediate and dramatic, and it was so easy, like following breadcrumbs.  I began resonating with a higher frequency of wealth-creation than ever before, and attracting to me all of the things I needed to follow my bliss.

I attribute it directly to the work that Jennifer did with a group of us.  She is amazing.

Thank you, Jennifer!”

— Shawn Madden,


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