Sessions From the Comfort of Your Own Home!

Clients who have participated in Resonance Repatterning® phone sessions have experienced distance-vibrational healing (remote healing or by proxy). This process is just as effective and powerful as having an in-person session.

Phone sessions allow Your Love’s Divine clients to receive healing sessions in the comfort of their home environment without the stress of traveling to and from the session. After the session is completed, the client can peacefully integrate its effects immediately, right at home.

For an optimal session: plan to be in a quiet, comfortable, and private space. For greater comfort and relaxation, you may want to use a headset for your phone. Be sure to have Kleenex and water within reach.

In order to minimize distractions, dial *70 on your phone, wait for the dial tone and then dial the appropriate phone number for your session. This temporarily deactivates call-waiting.

If you have questions or concerns about proxy, phone, or Skype* sessions, please contact me.

Consider making use of this long distance healing process to shift out of your old life-depleting patterns into a higher state of well-being and coherence. It’s a great way to experience relief and positive transformation from the comfort of your own home.

*If you live outside of the United States, sessions can be done via Skype. Skype is an online service that provides free long-distance calling via the internet from anywhere in the world.


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