Hi Jennifer,

I hope you heard my voicemail. I know our deep work earlier with the repatterning worked its magic to bring me to this magical juncture in my life. All is a bit surreal at the moment. I feel so very blessed to have met Eric and he feels the same.

I LOVE Everybody, Everything, Every Being!!!!!!! It’s just trippy to be so in love!!!

Fran Tatu
Austin, TX



Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU so much for taking the time to help me!

In brief time (only 2 sessions) you not only have taken the time to get to know me, yet effortlessly, you have helped me conquer all these ridiculous, illogical, and emotional hangups I have had from youth. It’s amazing.

You are so blessed and so effective. You have truly changed my life and I thank you for it.

Anyone who is not sure if Your Loves Divine or Jennifer Foster are good people to invest in, Stop It! Let her help you! Make the decision that is BEST for You and stop worrying and being afraid about the money. Rather, be afraid of not being happy because you don’t attract the Partner that God and the Universe has Available for You.

Jennifer’s service has already paid dividends in More Peace, More Fun, Better Sleep, More Energy, Mental Clarity, and just a few other Benefits: Mel, Denise, Jen, Michelle, Jennifer, Alicia, Laura, Elle, Carla, and other options.

Before I met Jennifer Foster, I was dating no one, now I have more females that want to talk to me than I have time for.

And, I have gotten better at my business. Period.

Thank you,

Ed R., Houston, TX


UPDATE: I am at a loss for words …

I met her
I could write page after page about why I feel I have struck gold. She is far behond amazing, smart, spiritually in tune, and beautiful.

Your Loves Divine and Jennifer and first and foremost God are responsible for allowing myself to get out of the way and allow the perfect parner to come in.

I never saw it coming, and here is a quote from her:
“You know you ruined me for all other men, right? Because none of them could ever compare to you.”

I think you get the point.
More to come

Bless You
Ed R.
Entrepreneur, Author, Musician
Houston, TX


I began working with Jennifer earlier this year. I was in a job I didn’t like and in a dissatisfying relationship.

With Jennifer’s guidance she helped me clarify what I wanted both professionally and personally. I don’t know how it works but it does.

I now have an amazing man in my life and a job I really like. My life is rich with friends, fun, love, and laughter. I was skeptical when I started, but the proof is in the pudding so to speak.

Working with Jennifer changed my life! If you are ready to change your life, fully commit to what she guides you, you will have all the things you want. Working with Jennifer has exceeded my expectations both professionally and personally.

Live the life you love, you deserve it!

Elena C., Austin, TX


I am a successful entrepreneur and experienced firsthand how Jennifer’s work yields results where traditional methods of treatment/therapy are either insufficient -or simply fail to address the issues that need to be resolved.

I often speak of her work as “psychotherapy on steroids”, although even that does not begin to adequately describe what she does. After having ‘enjoyed’ some four years of traditional psychotherapy at a cost of $100,000 plus, I cannot even start comparing the positive results Jennifer was able to generate in my life over just a handful of hours –for a very small amount of money.

We all need to understand that when we/our energy is ‘blocked’ and we struggle, the traditional methods of therapy do not suffice, because they are neither timely or fast enough –nor do they address the issues that are NOT rooted in our early childhood or teenage years. And there are many of those too.

Jennifer’s work encompasses and addresses these as well, so if you need help fast and you don’t have years to make positive changes in your life/work/business/relationships, give her a call. You won’t regret you did.

Sage, San Antonio


Working with Jennifer is amazing. There really is no other way to put it. Her unique combination of practicality and groundedness blends perfectly with her intuition and deeper knowing.

In the sessions I have had with her, I have watched years of pain and fear lift and release right before my eyes. And these changes were permanent!

Jennifer is a very skillful practitioner in the art of untangling the unconscious mind. In each session, she has worked with me to help find the very core of the issue. Once we found it, she helped me easily and gracefully release the old and embrace the new. The transformation is like shedding an old skin, only it is so easy that it’s almost incredible. The results, however, are quite real.

In the sessions I’ve had with Jennifer, I’ve let go of old limiting beliefs about money. I’ve been able to really see the core of my issues with personal power and then let them go. In less than six hours after my last session:

~ A new client approached me out of the blue saying there was just “something about [my] energy that attracted her…”

~ I was approached by a friend who hosts an online radio show to be a special call-in guest. He had offered to do this over a year ago but only followed up on the offer that very day. I attribute his decision to call me just hours after my session with Jennifer to be a direct result of the major breakthrough I had just experienced as a result of her process.

~ One of my first clients (who had not spoken with me about my work in almost two years) decided he wanted to start working with me again.

In case it isn’t clear: I did nothing myself to cause these things to happen. In each case, the person approached me. Each case is so obviously a direct result of my session with Jennifer.

A session with Jennifer is as easy as sitting in a chair and having a conversation with a friend. I highly recommend her and the processes she so masterfully facilitates. After just one hour, you will be so happy you had a session with her!!

Frank Butterfield, Austin, Texas



Hi Jennifer,

I’ll send you an separate email later to tell you how absolutely wonderful I feel. But, suffice it to say, that my energy has returned in abundance, and I am truly free from all the worry that had me weighted down. You are a miracle worker!!!

With gratitude,



Hello Jennifer,

I am full of gratitude, as I feel the shift of energy in my life. Thank you! You possess such a profound gift for healing.

When I came to you for the resonance repatterning session, I felt utterly exhausted. I wasn’t able to do the things that give me pleasure, let alone what was required of me as a mother of two teenagers and a full-time job. Since our session, I wake each morning full of exuberance! The difference is really black and white and began right after the session. This energy lasts all evening, too, and I have been able to enjoy time with my family, as well as make progress on my second book.

What’s most remarkable is that the embedded fears that were causing the energy drain have been lifted. It’s like I was wearing a 200-pound cloak of fear that was instantly lifted off my shoulders. The release of fear has been absolutely transformational! I didn’t realize how fear was enmeshed in my every thought, feeling, emotion and action. Finally, I am liberated! I can be a more authentic me!

I wish words could adequately describe my joy about this healing. But, they fail me. Somehow, I hope you know how grateful I am. God bless you as you continue this worthwhile healing work.



On July 29th, I attended one of Jennifer’s group sessions on clearing out fears and phobias. The fear I worked on was the fear that no one will buy from me. She helped me clarify a positive statement to resonate with which was “people happily buy from me.”

Then, on August 2nd, I attended Jennifer’s group abundance session where we got to clear out negative beliefs about money. We also came up with a list of positive beliefs to work with.

Less than a week later, I received a phone call from my realtor who told me that somebody wanted to buy my land that I co-owned with my ex-husband! The property had been up for sale for over six years!! In addition to that, I was cleaning out a house to sell and found a $100 bill in a small jar of miscellaneous items!

Thank you from my heart for these amazing experiences!

Mary Figueroa,  Austin, TX


When Jennifer had told me that Resonance Repatterning could help with physical issues I had doubts, but was willing to try. I’d had a pain in my right shoulder blade for seven years. . I was never really sure what caused it. I’d tried acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic–each multiple times. They helped reduce the pain a bit, sometimes massages helped reduce it completely, but the effects would wear off after a few days and it would hurt again.

When Jennifer helped me change the patterns that were holding this condition in place, the pain was gone and stayed gone!

My Chiropractor, who is quite amazing herself, was both impressed and intrigued.

The pain is still gone and it’s been over a year!

Thad Crouch, Austin, Texas


Hey Jennifer!

I’m actually pretty great! I have noticed a lot of positive changes.

At the Kerrville Festival I just did my normal thing of playing at song circles, hanging w/ friends, etc. however I felt a definite difference from years past in that my insecurities weren’t playing havoc with my mind (I’ve been quite intimidated in the past by all the great writers there). I’m feeling much more “at home” and relaxed in what I’m doing.

I remember the part in our session about re-gaining my power and being irresistible. I actually got some random guys giving me big long hugs because of my playing, and even got one marriage proposal!;)

thanks again and much love,



(Overcoming Stage-Fright):

Dear Jennifer,

Just to let you know that my trio (two friends and I) performed for an audience of 60-80 people in San Antonio last week. It was a success! I actually felt calm and was able to enjoy playing my guitar and singing moment to moment. Something has definitely shifted for me, thanks in great part to my session with you! Thanks a million.

With gratitude,

Liliana Valenzuela, Austin, TX


I can not pretend to understand or explain how Resonance Repatterning works, I can simply attest that it does.

After two repatterning sessions with Jennifer Foster, I have been able to move past unsupportive thought patterns that have kept me stuck for years. Each day, I reach out, past my comfort zone, to do something that scares me, but does not hold me captive. I’m not paralyzed by fear and I’m doing what ever it takes to reach my goals and achieve my dreams.

Thank you Jennifer for being a thoughtful, compassionate and very effective practitioner.

H. Sandra Chevalier-Batik

Research Analysis and Web Content Developer

Pleiades Publishing Services



I wanted to thank you so much for the group session we had around money and abundance. It was such a fun and enlightening experience and I’m sure I’m shifting everyday and am more in alignment with money and abundance. I am really grateful for the home play exercise that was requested for the group, in that exercise I found wonderfully perfect messages for me that were specific about what I need to do to draw what I want to me. Thank you so much. I am growing and opening everyday and am so glad your sessions are a part of my unfolding process.

Much love,



I can’t express how grateful I am for having attended Jennifer’s group re-patterning session. The group session I attended was themed around our blocks to money. With Jennifer’s help, I was able to work through some tough blocks and beliefs I had towards it, and shortly thereafter I felt a powerful shift in my beliefs and am now much more open to receiving abundance. Thank you, Jennifer!

Jason Gilmore, Austin, TX


I walked in with my tail between my legs, and left on an exhilarated high!

Jennifer has a divine gift for going deep with you to get to the root of your energy. She gently and lovingly brings out what thoughts need to be re-patterned and works with you until your energy has shifted. I am in awe of the transformation!

~Carmen Mays, Austin, Texas


I noticed almost immediate changes in my perceptions and behavior after just one session with Jennifer. The process she uses pinpoints quickly and clearly the very beliefs and patterns that need to be addressed. The work (it’s really more like play, to be honest) is highly individual and specifically tailored to the client.

Thanks to her compassionate and loving presence, the session seemed to fly by and before I knew it, I had a new outlook on the very thorny issue we covered in the repatterning session.

To date, I’ve had two individual sessions and one group session (she helped our MasterMind group clear our deep abundance and money beliefs) and I am deciding what I will work with her on next.

Needless to say, I highly recommend her work to anyone but particularly for those who might be skeptical or doubtful about the efficacy of this type of inner work.

Frank Butterfield, Austin, TX



You know, I think it was a valuable turning point for me. I was really having a hard time with the tour until we had our session. But soon after I really began to really appreciate how amazing the opportunity was.

I met so many great people whom I think will remain friends for a long time. And I started noticing even more appreciation for my music out there. It’s been really great.

And likewise with meeting you. You are a really beautiful light and I hope we will stay in touch.




Jennifer Foster radiates grace, love, and kindness, and the work she does makes way for miracles to sprout from spirit to reality.

Within three weeks of a group session for financial prosperity, my life transformed from one in which I continuously felt lost, aimless, and confused, to being driven by a powerful inner sense of purpose, creating beauty in each moment and finding exactly what I needed to take the next step. I moved from an unstable living situation and a dead-end job into a two-bedroom apartment above a pottery studio, and found a good-paying job right across the street. I began to have the time, space, and resources to spend all of my free time on the creation, production, performance, and distribution of music. That one session shifted my focus and put me squarely on the path of my Big Dream, and it all happened in a beautiful, flowing, allowing, graceful way.

I could not have predicted even six weeks before that I would make such a move. The results were immediate and dramatic, and it was so easy, like following breadcrumbs. I began resonating with a higher frequency of wealth-creation than ever before, and attracting to me all of the things I needed to follow my bliss. I attribute it directly to the work that Jennifer did with a group of us. She is amazing.

Thank you, Jennifer!

— Shawn Madden, www.shawnmaddenmusic.com


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